10 Amazing Things About Saskatchewan’s New Children’s Hospital

When Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital opens its doors this fall, Saskatchewan will no longer be one of two provinces in Canada without a dedicated maternal and children’s hospital. Thanks to decades-long support from generous donors, volunteers and supporters; our province’s babies, moms-to-be, children and families will soon have access to a world-class facility that meets their needs right here at home.

A calming atmosphere for kids, comfortable family spaces, advanced technology and 176 private rooms are only some of what Saskatchewan’s first provincial children’s hospital will offer. Once opened, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will provide the highest quality care and put Saskatchewan at the forefront of research and innovation.

Want to get a sneak peek at the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital? Here are 10 incredible new elements found inside:

24-Hour Children’s Emergency

The 176-bed Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will feature the province’s only 24-hour children’s emergency department with capacity to treat over 21,000 young patients each year.


Pediatric Surgical Suites andCath Lab

The ground floor will house Saskatchewan’s first dedicated pediatric surgical suites. These integrated rooms will include both an operative area and induction room, allowing parents to be with their child while anesthesia is administered. This floor will also be home to the first pediatric catheterization lab in the province, which means that children will no longer need to travel out of province for minor heart procedures.


Pediatric Outpatients and EOS

Pediatric Outpatients will feature three times more exam rooms than what exists today. Cardiology, cancer, speech and language, hearing and psychiatry services will be offered, along with the radically new diagnostic EOS treatment that will use nine-times less radiation than a standard x-ray.

Pediatric Outpatients Clinic

Short-Term Child-Minding

With family-centred care in mind, a short-term child-minding space will be available free of charge for siblings so that parents can focus on their child’s medical appointment.

Main floor elevators

New Pediatric Treatment Options

New treatment options will also be available for children with the first dedicated Pediatric Hemodialysis Room in the province and Saskatchewan’s first Pediatric Sleep Lab, which will mean children no longer need to travel out of province for sleep studies.

Family-Friendly Spaces

The main floor will be home to Garth Brooks’ Teammates for Kids Child Life Zone, one of 11 zones across North America and the first of its kind in Canada. The Zone will be a special place to play, learn, laugh and relax. Other special spaces include an outdoor patient play area and teen lounge. A theatre for young patients will also provide a welcome distraction with movies and events.

Second floor outdoor play area

NICU Privacy

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will offer each baby and family a private room with dedicated family spaces and sleep areas nearby in a design that is dramatically different than what exists today, where fragile babies are cared for in side-by-side open bays.

Fourth floor Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Single Room Maternal Care

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will also be home to Canada’s largest Single Room Maternal Care Centre, an innovative new model of care where moms-to-be labour, give birth and stay with their new baby in the same private room. In another first for Saskatchewan, the floor will feature three dedicated maternal operating rooms, plus a Prenatal Unit and Maternal Outpatient Clinic with a High Risk Fetal Assessment Unit.

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