Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

John Matic
Josephine Berscheid
Addison Meena
Terrance Knippel
David & Anita Banow
Lea Minovitch
Kristen Eisenzimmer
Tim Hardy
Carla Lillejord
Bernard & Lynn Del Frari
Glen Sorestad
Curtis Freeman
Dennis & Rosalie Leswick
Cara Zubko
Jaylin Pasulyko
Robert SAIK
Carly Conly
Shannon Mudrey
Terry Werbovetski
Eric Schalm
Sherrill Yoner
Fred Bourassa
Dream Development
Sheila Harding
Dovile Smitiene
Keith & Ricka Buzinski
Tanya Oliva
Pierre Bilodeau
Stephanie/Airiana Berg
Madoka Suematsu

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The Easter Bunny has been busy this year and has hidden eggs throughout our website. Find all the eggs and a donation will be made on their behalf by the event sponsor.