2013 Disbursements

Your Donations At Work

From August 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013 the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation distributed $626,734 for current pediatric needs in the 2013 fiscal year.  In addition, $100,000 was designated for a research chair position in the pediatric department for exception emerging researchers and research needs.



Child Life Conference
Annual conference which allows Child Life Therapists to learn on improved medical procedures and encourage normal development and the emotional well-being of children in the healthcare setting.  It is a great networking opportunity with other professionals from Canada and the US.

Saskatchewan Health Information Management Association (SHIMA) Convention
SHIMA is comprised of Health Information Management Professionals whose objective is to promote the roles of the Health Information Management Professional and to contribute to the wellness and the provision of quality healthcare through excellence in health information.  The convention is comprised of various educational speakers that address issues related to this line of work.

Pediatric Nephrology Allied Health Education
SHR approved a full service pediatric nephrology program (SPARK) so families would not have to leave the province.  This was an incredible step forward to providing the deserved nephrology care to Saskatchewan families.  Positions have been filled however; these individuals needed specialized training to fulfill their roles.  The first step of training was hands on at Children’s Hospital of Manitoba.  This provided the foundation for nurse and dietician to perform their roles in establishing the SPARK team in Saskatchewan.  The second step was to increase the level of service provided which was learned at the annual Dialysis Conference.  The unique pediatrics symposium focuses on specific issues related to pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and dialysis.

Pediatric Trainee Research Fund
To establish a pediatric trainee research fund to promote and facilitate child health related research by trainees at the University of Saskatchewan allowing their skills and knowledge to continue and to participate in research during their future careers.  The program is to provide opportunities for mentoring that generate high quality, relevant research results.  The research undertaken has prompt and direct impact on improving health.  Trainees play integral roles in advancing these and other research agendas.

Health Care Provider Information Library
With the enhancement of team communication and team spaces the information library will have the best in medical references available at their fingertips.  The annual subscriptions are available to approximately 30 physicians.

Pediatric Transport Team Education
Continuous education is necessary to provide high quality service.  Pediatric transport medicine is highly specialized and requires attendance at national or international conferences yearly.  Two of the transport team were able to attend the annual Transport Conference and share the knowledge learned with the remainder of the team.

Clef/Lip Palate & Related Craniofacial Anomalies International Conference
The international conference brings together health care providers to highlight pre-surgical management, research priorities, psychosocial aspects of facial dysmorphisms and the role of medical home model.  Two of the medical team were able to attend the annual conference and share the knowledge learned with the remainder of the team.


The Loft Program
Families in need receive food and gift hampers to help throughout the holiday season.



Pediatric Department
Electronic Display Information Board
A communication guide for the pediatric department to receive up to date information.

Infant Warmers (3)
A therapeutic device that provides warmth to premature and full term neonates that improves outcomes and leads to quality of life.

Pediatric Outpatients
Vital Sign’s Monitor, BP and Scales
This equipment improved patient flow, bottle necks as well as assisted patients who could not stand or were too anxious to leave their parents arms.

Post Partum
Warming Cabinets
These cabinets not only warm blankets, but store and warm sterile intravenous fluids and surgical irrigation solutions to programmed digital temperature settings.

Transport Ventilator
The Pediatric Transport Team provides tertiary care to all children in Saskatchewan and average 250-300 trips per year.  This ventilator will provide safe standardized positive pressure ventilation while transporting children to care facilities throughout the province.

Ceiling Mounted Exam Lights
The PICU was in desperate need of new overhead lights. These ceiling mounted lights are a smaller version of what is used in the operating room. They are used for all procedures in the PICU such as starting IV’s, inserting catheters and hemocaths, central lines, chest tubes and well as ECHMO.

Transport Incubator
This transport incubator provides a microenvironment for neonates by ensuring they maintain their core internal temperature while regulating humidity and oxygen levels.  It is a self-contained, mobile, intensive care unit customized for air and ground and is state of the art in transporting children.

Patient Care


Diabetes DVD’s
The booklet and DVD is given to the families of newly diagnosed children/teens with type 1 diabetes. The booklet and DVD help parents with a newly diagnosed child and their child, if old enough, to understand what type 1 diabetes is. It helps illustrate how children can live well with the diagnosis and do well at school. It makes it easy to follow and is a good introduction to the family before education is provided for all the skills and knowledge they need to self-manage their diabetes. It also reinforces that good communication with the school can help both parents and teachers provide safe environment for the child.


Mental Health Youth Care
Support within the Les & Irene Dubé Centre

Pediatric Outpatient Waitroom Enhancements
This includes chairs, couches and ottomans to enhance the atmosphere that the patients experience within the waiting room.

Designated Funds Enhancements
NICU/PICU/PEDS and Child Life designated funds were used to purchase items such as Alaris Cardinal Health Pumps, Baby Swings, Teaching Dolls and Accessories, computer equipment and more.


Playroom Grants
Funds used to enhance the playrooms in Saskatoon and Regina.

Air Canada Transport Program


Dr. Grant Miller, Department of Surgery
“Effects of Aluminum Contaminated Parenteral Nutrition on Bile Acid Transport”
Numerous infants in NICU are being treated with parenteral nutrition (PN).  Some infants, especially those requiring prolonged PN therapies, have their liver exposed to injury.  This research will help further understand and potentially prevent it.

Parenteral nutrition associated liver disease (PNALD) is a potentially life threatening problem for seriously ill infants.  Those with intestinal failure are particularly at risk.  Prolonged PN therapy leads to a reduction or cessation in bile flow, cholestasis and results in liver injury.  Research will involve investigation using an established PN study model.  If the hypothesis proves correct this will provide further evidence of the toxic effects of aluminum in infants and will support that by reducing the amount of aluminum contamination in PN it will play an important role in helping prevent liver disease in vulnerable infants.

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