Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Scott Mazinke
Katelyn Pidperyhora
Deb Harley
Tracy Simpson
Paulla Blackwell
Trevor Percy
Dennis & Rosalie Leswick
Sarah Hjelsing
Amanda Bartel
Yan Ge
Rick MacLowick
Lyle Bauer
Jessilyn & Isaac Morrison & Turk
Leo & Sandra Verhelst
Dallas Toews
Carla Fritz
Alana Patzwald
Alicia Bitschy
Murray Gronsdal
Lambert Freistadt
Kenneth Gray
Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Larry and Bonnie Tytlandsvik
Gary & Donna Schmidt
Bonny Bayne
Wally Hand
Sam Shynkaruk
Oneil Poirier

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The Easter Bunny has been busy this year and has hidden eggs throughout our website. Find all the eggs and a donation will be made on their behalf by the event sponsor.