Calla Gross and her dad Derek Gross

A Father’s Day Story: Meet Calla and her Dad Derek

It’s the kind of phone call that strikes fear into the heart of any dad-to-be. Derek Gross was no exception when his wife Vicki called to let him know that, at 27 weeks into her pregnancy, she had gone straight…

CIBC Donates $250,000 to Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

Young patients at the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan will now have a highly specialized treatment room available in the Day Medicine Unit thanks to a generous donation of $250,000 by CIBC.


4-H Charity Steer Auction Raises $16,000

It was 1175 pounds of goodwill for the kids of Saskatchewan at the 85th Annual Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale on June 8th. The 2015 Charity Steer, weighing in at 1175lbs, was one of 71 steers…

Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Abarana Saravanabavan
Jane Deters
Nancy Marotta
Maren Ireland-L'Hoir
peter yeo
Glen Head
Akash Panchal
Garnet Morris
Montgomery School Grade 8 Class
hyunsook lee
Ryan Brook
Dylan Gates
Joy Muench
Wally Hand
Glennys Mcveigh
Brett Welder
Krystal Gartner
Andrew Scott
Emily Jarosz
Matthew Chevrier
Carl Persson
Rod Bell
FFUN Enterprises Inc.
Krissie Urmson
Ted Nieman
Naomi Degenhardt
Gerald Shauf
Jan Strawson
Sam Shynkaruk
Monte Gorchinski

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