Calla Gross and her dad Derek Gross

A Father’s Day Story: Meet Calla and her Dad Derek

It’s the kind of phone call that strikes fear into the heart of any dad-to-be. Derek Gross was no exception when his wife Vicki called to let him know that, at 27 weeks into her pregnancy, she had gone straight…

CIBC Donates $250,000 to Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

Young patients at the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan will now have a highly specialized treatment room available in the Day Medicine Unit thanks to a generous donation of $250,000 by CIBC.


4-H Charity Steer Auction Raises $16,000

It was 1175 pounds of goodwill for the kids of Saskatchewan at the 85th Annual Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale on June 8th. The 2015 Charity Steer, weighing in at 1175lbs, was one of 71 steers…

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