Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Linda Saunders
Denise Froese
Wendy Lucyshyn
Barbara Kowaliuk
Jim & Debby Morrison
Brian Marion
Riley Hancock
Martha Chipak
Rhonda Stewart
Brittany Kurylowich
Laurianne Osmak
Michelle Bast
Nancy-Lyn Carriere
William Coumont
Glenda Smith
TCU Place
Destin Ash
Natalie Keeling
Leo Verhelst
Katelyn Pidperyhora
JoAnne Chrones
Raymond Gauthier
Jesse Miller
Xiangyu Liu
Adventure Destinations
Superintendents/Coordinators/Consultants ofSouth East Cornerstone Public School Division #209
Megan Crone Chris Nameth
Lesley Wilson
Lisa Pajunen

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The Easter Bunny has been busy this year and has hidden eggs throughout our website. Find all the eggs and a donation will be made on their behalf by the event sponsor.