Santa Brings Early Christmas to Saskatchewan Kids in Hospital

Bringing good cheer and holiday wishes, Santa made a special visit to children in hospital in Saskatoon last week. Santa visited children, took special requests, and spent time with young patients in Acute Care Pediatrics. He visited children in the…

Top Six Holiday Gifts that Help Saskatchewan Kids This Season

The countdown is on to the holidays, but there’s still time to find a meaningful gift for everyone on your “nice” list. Give a gift with heart this season and help Saskatchewan kids and families at the same time when…

Air Canada Hospital Transport Program Makes Miracles Happen with Free Flights for Saskatchewan Families with Sick Kids

In his first year of life, Seth logged many miles to get better. The Saskatoon boy was born with both congenital ptosis, which causes his eyelid to droop in front of his pupil, and laryngomalacia, which sometimes makes it hard…

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