Special Cargo: Delivering Pediatric Intensive Care On the Go

They are one of the most reassuring medical teams that a family with a sick or injured child may ever face but until you need them, you may not even be aware that they exist. The provincial Pediatric Transport Team,…

Kim Ulmer of RBC

RBC Donation Provides Innovative Solution for Youth Mental Health in Northern Saskatchewan

Children in northern Saskatchewan will soon have access to ground breaking mental health care through Remote Presence Technology (RPT). For the first time in Canada, robotic technology will be deployed specifically for youth mental health as a result of a…

Every Dollar Helps

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Rosalie & Lindsay Crooks
Sarah Cheke
Don & Shirley Walker
M. Neil Cameron
Gerald & Lynne Bayne
Richard Robert
Mark Gillies
Debra Schmidt
Staff of Rely-ex Contracting Inc.
Trevor & Deanna Arnold
Christiane Catellier
Don Hood
Heather Garton
Linda Langelier
David Schreiner
Judith Gay
Valerie Miles
Kitsaki Group of Companies
Tracy Schmidt
Dorothy Bell
William Sauer
eric thompson
Lorraine Braun
K & J. W. Trucking Ltd.
Avery Linton Legacy Foundation
Michelle Bast
Brian McKinnon
Angie Wojcichowsky

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