Long-Time Saskatchewan Philanthropist Makes $1 Million Donation to Honour Late Mother

He’s been one of Saskatchewan’s leading philanthropists for decades but Malcolm Jenkins’s gift has never been more personal. Tonight, the local Canadian Tire owner in Prince Albert made a $1 million gift to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation in honour…

Meet Deidra: High Stakes in High-Risk Pregnancies

After two years of marriage and uncertainty on if a baby would ever happen, Deidra and Justin couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the pregnancy test. Overjoyed, the Saskatoon couple found a doctor right away and kept up with…

Inspiring Hope and Healing with a Five-Minute Conversation

Shane Resch was a natural with children – always willing to teach, coach and take them under his wing. His happy-go-lucky attitude meant that his kids looked up to him, and now, kids in hospital will do the same. It…

First-ever ‘Make Mom’s Day’ Campaign to Celebrate Mother’s Day and Support Maternal Health

With Spring arriving in Saskatchewan, so has the season of celebrating moms. For the first time ever, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, Shoppers Drug Mart and Hillberg & Berk have partnered to give Saskatchewan moms a memorable Mother’s Day gift…

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