Saskatoon Couple Honours Grandchildren with $250,000 Donation to NICU Twin Room

Wayne and Debra Grund are celebrating the good health of their seven grandchildren with an inspiring donation made in the family’s name. The Saskatoon salon owners have gifted $250,000 for a Twin Room in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)…

Bringing the Best and Brightest to Saskatchewan

The building is just the beginning. In less than 18 months, Saskatchewan’s much-anticipated Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will open its doors to kids and families in need. What’s happening behind the scenes to prepare, however, is a dramatic transformation in…

Live-Saving Technology Gives 9-Year-Old Girl a Second Chance

Torrie of Balcarres, Saskatchewan received a shocking diagnosis of a rare blood disease at nine years of age. Thanks to recently purchased groundbreaking equipment called Pheresis, Torrie is alive today and able to say “thank you” to generous donors like…

Champion Child Payton In the Fight of Her Life

It’s been a whirlwind to say the least. When nine-year-old Payton Sernick of was named Saskatchewan ambassador the Champions Program presented by Walmart in fall 2017, she was over the moon to accept her new role and take it by…

New ‘Feel Good Day’ Program Pampers Kids in Hospital

A new program for children in hospital in Saskatchewan is helping young patients feel like a million bucks, even while taking on lengthy hospital stays. Since Children’s Feel Good Day launched in February, kids in Acute Care Pediatrics in Saskatoon…

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