Hospital Foundations invite community support for COVID-19 Hospital Fund

In true Saskatchewan fashion, the community has asked: “How can we help?” St. Paul’s Hospital, Royal University Hospital , Saskatoon City Hospital and Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundations have joined forces to create the COVID-19 Hospital Fund in response to…

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation response to COVID-19

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to escalate, the well-being of our patients and families, donors, partners and staff is our number one priority. We know that you are concerned about your health and that of your loved ones. To…

Canpotex helps support food security at home for pregnant women and families

One of the world’s largest potash exporters headquartered in Saskatoon is improving food security for moms and children right here at home. A $60,000 donation from Canpotex to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation is helping provide hundreds of pregnant women…

Hospital picnic area recognizes Co-op’s years of support for a children’s hospital

With Good Earth Coffeehouse newly opened in Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, the nearby Picnic Place supported by Co-op is a special gathering area for families to enjoy food, a cup of coffee, and most importantly, spend time together. Over the…

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