New app to be designed to help caregivers of children and adolescents with mental health disorders

A new smartphone app will soon be in the works to help support the caregivers of children and adolescents with mental health and addiction disorders, thanks to a $105,600 grant from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.  An upcoming research project…

New research to explore breastfeeding practices of refugee mothers

A first-of-its-kind research project in Saskatchewan will gain insight into the needs of refugee mothers who may need breastfeeding support to improve the health and development of their young children. The research funded by Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation intends…

Four-year-old facing cancer shows what it means to be a true fighter

Nash Bartlette is known for lighting up a room with his big smile and friendly nature.  “With his personality, he will say to hi to anyone passing by. He just brightens everyone’s day that he comes across,” said Nash’s mom,…

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