December 5, 2019

8 easy ways to help kids and families this holiday season

This holiday season, there’s never been an easier way to give thoughtful gifts to the ones you love, while at the same time giving back to Saskatchewan families in hospital. The 6th annual Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving catalogue is back again this year to help you give a gift that transforms little lives right here at home and truly make this giving season a time for celebration.


This year’s catalogue includes eight meaningful gifts, which will make a difference in the lives of moms and kids from across the province, who are receiving care at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. Your gift will go even further this holiday season, thanks to the generosity of Conexus Credit Union, who is matching donations up to $50,000.


“In this season of giving, the Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving catalogue is such an easy way for you to give a gift from the heart,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. “You not only can find a meaningful gift for someone on your list, but you can also help bring support to new moms, special technology for fragile babies, or a smile to children in hospital. We thank you for considering a gift of hope this holiday season.”


Last holiday season, more than $73,500 was raised for essential maternal and pediatric equipment and programming. The incredible kindness of donors went to support weekly family bingo nights, tablets, sleep monitors, a surgical microscope, an audiometer, as well as an infant warmer and a resuscitator for Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable babies.


The Making Spirits Bright campaign runs until December 31, with 100 per cent of your gift supporting children and families right here in Saskatchewan.


Preview our gift catalogue below to find a gift that really matters for the loved ones on our holiday list.


Give where needed most…

Put your gift to the best use possible by supporting critical maternal and pediatric needs facing our province’s children, moms and families. Make your gift monthly for even greater impact and receive a cumulative tax receipt issued annually.



Bring joy to kids in hospital…

Kids in Pediatric Inpatients count the number of sleeps until the next Family Bingo Night. You can support this special game night, giving kids a chance to forget about their health challenges.



Help new moms bond with baby…

Specially designed breastfeeding chairs lower stress on mom’s body with proper back support and a hidden foot stool, delivering optimal comfort so nursing moms can focus on building their bond with baby.



Help treat newborn jaundice…

Jaundice, a build-up of bilirubin, affects 80% of premature babies. Phototherapy lights give off light waves that are absorbed into baby’s skin, changing the bilirubin into products that can be safely passed through little systems.



Help protect delicate young brains…

A much needed intracranial pressure monitor measures the pressure inside a child’s skull if there has been a severe brain injury, infection, or other problem that is causing the brain to swell.



Help doctors make every second count…

Full-body simulators are designed specifically for pediatric emergencies, allowing specialists to develop a range of new skills to be better able to respond when every second matters.



Help make surgery less painful for kids…

Laser surgery uses special light beams instead of instruments like scalpels to perform procedures. The AcuPulse DUO can remove very thin layers of tissue, without damaging deeper layers, resulting in less pain, swelling and bleeding.



Help bring the comforts of home to hospital…

One of the best ways to provide a healing environment is through private patient rooms. Private rooms improve patient care by providing peace and quiet for a better sleep and improved infection control. They also offer the most comfortable environment for a patient’s family, as each includes space for visitors and a sleep-space for family.

$150,000/name a room

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