November 16, 2020

Eight heartfelt ways to help kids and families this holiday season

This holiday season you can give a meaningful gift that will make a difference in the lives of Saskatchewan children and families in hospital.

The 7th annual Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving catalogue is back again this year to help you find that special gift for everyone on your holiday list.

This year’s catalogue includes eight heartfelt gifts for your family and friends that give back to kids and families across the province. Your gift will go even further thanks to the generosity of Conexus Credit Union, who is matching donations up to $50,000. Plus, you can send a free, personalized e-card to let your loved one know about the impact of their gift.

“The Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving catalogue is full of thoughtful gift ideas for the ones you love, while at the same time making a meaningful difference year-round for many Saskatchewan kids and families. Your generosity will protect the smallest and sickest babies, help kids be kids, and build a better childbirth experience for moms-to-be. Every dollar makes a difference, as you help make this giving season a time for true celebration. Our Foundation is incredibly grateful for your consideration of this gift of hope and healing,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Over the 2019 holiday season, donors in 82 communities across Canada, US and UK made gifts towards our Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving campaign. Thanks to these generous hearts and a match from Conexus Credit Union an incredible $141,905 was raised. The incredible kindness of donors went to support family bingo nights, specially designed breastfeeding chairs, full-body simulators, specialized NICU equipment and much more!

This year’s Making Spirits Bright campaign runs until December 31, with 100 per cent of your gift supporting children and families right here in Saskatchewan.

Preview this year’s gift catalogue below to find a gift that really matters for the loved ones on your holiday list.

Give Where Needed Most…

Put your gift to the best use possible by supporting the most critical maternal and pediatric needs facing our province’s moms and children. Make your gift monthly for even greater impact and receive a cumulative tax receipt issued annually.


Help Make Pokes Less Painful…

You can help make trips to the hospital less painful and scary for kids. Buzzy is a drug-free tool that safely relieves pain using vibration and ice technology. Buzzy can be used to make vaccinations and IVs less painful. It can also be used for injuries, acute pain management and needle phobia.


Help Build a Better Childbirth Experience…

Bring important cultural experiences to Indigenous moms-to-be at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital by helping purchase supplies for moss bags, tobacco pouches and smudge to be used as part of a traditional birth plan.


Help Kids Cope With Hospital Experiences…

Playing is often how kids learn about their world and themselves. By supporting the purchase of toys and games, you are helping pediatric psychologists provide children with therapeutic treatment such as medical trauma and exposure therapy to medical treatments.


Help Protect the Smallest and Sickest Babies…

You can make sure the very best equipment is in place when Saskatchewan’s Neonatal Intensive Care Transport Team is transporting our province’s smallest and sickest babies. The Masimo Monitoring System reliably monitors a newborn’s oxygen status, providing the care team with critical data.


Help Kids Breathe Better…

In kids, problems with breathing, such as Sleep Disordered Breathing, are the leading causes of chronic illness and hospitalization and can impact cognitive development. You can help bring enhanced diagnostic equipment to Saskatchewan’s only pediatric sleep lab, for better diagnosis and treatment.


Help Kids Explore Their World…

Many kids experience developmental delays that reduce their mobility. Removing physical barriers can increase their ability to move, allowing them to learn through play and exploration. You can help fund mobility equipment for families to try before making a large investment, ensuring they know what will work best for their child.


Leave a Lasting Legacy for Saskatchewan…

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Equipment Endowment is a great way to leave a lasting legacy, ensuring specialized maternal and pediatric equipment needs are met for future generations. Endowed funds are restricted capital funds held on a perpetual basis. The principal is protected and only the income is expended for urgent needs.


The share option lets you participate in donating to a higher-cost gift, as your donation will be combined with other share donations to help fund the full amount of the gift.

To help make spirits bright, you can shop the catalogue online or order by phone at 1.888.808.KIDS (5437).

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