October 7, 2014

Harold and Vilda Latrace Family Donates $250,000 to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

Living through the tough economic times of the Dirty Thirties and two world wars taught Harold and Vilda Latrace the importance of caring for family, and that you should treat others as you would like to be treated. With today’s announcement of a generous $250,000 donation to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, the Harold and Vilda Latrace family continue to honour their parent’s caring values by offering support to Saskatchewan children and families when they need it most.

“This isn’t about the number of zeros in the donation, it is about doing what is needed for the children and families in Saskatchewan who need a children’s hospital. Every one of us working together will make the difference,” said Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson speaking on behalf of the Harold and Vilda Latrace family.

This extraordinary gift will support the creation of the Multidisciplinary Therapy Room at the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. Health professionals will now have a dedicated space to teach, train and care for children and adolescents in areas such as Speech Language Pathology, Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Nutrition/Diet.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan proudly receives this donation as part of the provincial Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign.

Brynn Boback-Lane

“The Latrace family has always believed in our Foundation’s vision from the beginning. It does not surprise me that this contribution came from the children of Harold and Vilda, as it was always important to them that their whole family work hard, be grateful and give back to the community. Harold and Vilda’s vision is honoured through this generous gift today,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.

“When our teams of health care providers and families designed this multidisciplinary therapy space, they envisioned a room that supported every member of their team in creating the right environment for families and helping children and teenagers in their care journey,” said Craig Ayers, Project Direct, Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon Health Region. “It’s only fitting that families will see the Latrace name as they enter this space. They are a family who have shown how working as a team and staying true to family values can lead to greatness. This is the journey we believe Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan is on and we thank the Latrace family for being part of this journey.”

The Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan will serve mothers and children from across the province, offering leading edge healthcare equipment and technology, research programs and innovation – all with a focus on family-centred care.


The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is dedicated to raising funds for the enhancement of children’s healthcare and the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. We are the Saskatchewan member of Children’s Miracle Network, 100% dedicated to Saskatchewan children and their hospital, and proud partners of the Saskatoon and Regina Qu’Appelle Health Regions on the children’s hospital project.




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