March 30, 2020

Hospital Foundations invite community support for COVID-19 Hospital Fund

In true Saskatchewan fashion, the community has asked: “How can we help?”

St. Paul’s Hospital, Royal University Hospital , Saskatoon City Hospital and Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundations have joined forces to create the COVID-19 Hospital Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressures it will continue to place on our health care system.

The Foundations acknowledge that we are facing unprecedented times, and our strength will be found in our community’s ability to adapt quickly and come together in support of one another to ensure that patient care and support for our medical teams is delivered where it is most needed, now and into the future.

The Foundations are working closely with Saskatchewan Health Authority to ensure that donations to the COVID-19 Hospital Fund will be invested, in real time, to initiatives that accelerate, innovate and respond to the emerging needs that enhance government support.

“I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who contributes to the Covid19 hospital fund in order to help with the response to this singular event in our history. Your health care providers understand fully the seriousness of this event and realize the sacrifice they may have to make and the long difficult hours that await them,” said Dr. James Stempian, Saskatchewan Health Authority Provincial Department Head, Emergency Medicine.

“This pandemic has the potential to be a life changing occurrence for our society. We appreciate the help and the support from the people of Saskatoon and the province and we are encouraged by the fact that they stand with us in this fight,” he added.

Community residents and businesses are invited to support life-saving health care by donating here. 

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