May 2, 2018

Inspiring Hope and Healing with a Five-Minute Conversation

Shane Resch was a natural with children – always willing to teach, coach and take them under his wing. His happy-go-lucky attitude meant that his kids looked up to him, and now, kids in hospital will do the same.

It was an easy five-minute discussion with their Financial Advisor that led the Resch family to confidently choose a charity. Sharon Resch, wife of late husband and father, Shane, then made a special visit to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation with a gift made in memory of her husband who tragically passed away at the young age of 39. The decision to do so was rooted deep within the family’s core values, and was a cause very dear to their hearts. Shane’s daughter, Samantha, spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a few weeks after birth. Having spent time in that type of stressful environment, Shane knew exactly what it’s like.

“He was quite familiar with that type of experience, but every story that he ever shared about her in the NICU was positive,” says Sharon.

For the Resch family, directing their giving towards helping sick and injured children was simply a part of their lifestyle. The family continually remembers that there is only one life to be lived here on earth, and it’s important to make it count. Sharon explained how they view life as an opportunity to leave a legacy and help build hope where it matters most to them. Plus, Shane and Sharon’s soft spot for kids was something they felt needed to be acted on.

“I remember [Shane] went to the hospital to see his grandma and he ended up also helping some people who had a baby in the NICU. He made friends everywhere he went, and he was just chatting with them and ended up paying it forward by bringing them gift cards and other supplies,” remembers Sharon. “He was just one of those guys that would give back.”

Shane’s gift to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation is one that will serve a valuable purpose in helping kids across Saskatchewan receive better care.  It was a gift that was prioritized ahead of time despite not knowing what the future held. In this case, it was a choice that could not have been made early enough. There’s nothing that could have prepared the Resch family for Shane’s sudden passing, but their preparation to help kids in need is something that will leave a lasting legacy.

“From the kindness of his heart, Shane recognized how much a planned gift will mean to the children and families of our province,” says Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. “It brings inspiration and hope for the Saskatchewan children and families facing tough times because of people like Shane who have lived a life dedicated to giving back.”

The Resch family recognizes the need for the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital and are excited that families will no longer have to travel far. As a family man himself, Shane’s legacy gift will help keep families closer together.

“He just did things with the kindness of his heart and never expected anything in return,” says Sharon.

To learn more about how you can make a legacy gift, please contact Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation at 306-931-4887 or visit

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