January 1, 2011

John and Sonja Remai Donate $1 Million to the Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign

New Provincial Children’s Hospital Benefits from Generosity of Local Philanthropists John and Sonja Remai

This spring morning gives celebration to philanthropists John and Sonja Remai as they  presented a $1 million donation to the Children’s Health & Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan to be allocated to the upcoming provincial Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign.

Mr. Jim Yuel, Co-Chair, of the provincial Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign, receiving the contribution on behalf of the Foundation, thanked John and Sonja for this most generous gift.  Mr. Yuel alluded to the many contributions that John and Sonja Remai have made to the growth and development of Saskatchewan, whether building hotels in smaller regional communities or spending hundreds of hours contributing time to the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Yuel noted, “The contribution of this couple has been significant, and to see this commitment to helping the children and families of Saskatchewan through this tremendous donation speaks loud and clear to the quality of citizenship of John and Sonja Remai.”

John & Sonja Remai

“The recent announcement of funding for a children’s hospital means a new beginning for children’s health care in Saskatchewan.  The Foundation deserves so much credit for its determination to get the commitment for the children’s hospital. Today, we are absolutely honored to be presenting a cheque for $1 million to the Children’s Health and Hospital Foundation for purchasing new equipment for this facility,” stated John Remai.  As a caring father and grandfather, I have never had to cope with the serious illness of a child – but I know the heartache of those who have. And when the funding announcement was made, Sonja and I knew that it was an obvious choice to help the children and families of this province.  The people of Saskatchewan have always been generous both in good times and bad and we are sure that other successful entrepreneurs in this province will open their hearts and wallets to raise the funds needed for the new children’s hospital.”

Sonja Remai added, “I share John’s enthusiasm about our involvement in this exciting new project.  The new hospital along with its own new equipment is going to do wonders in treating children, but what is also important is that the children can receive care by doctors and specialists trained to care for children.  This facility will focus on children’s health issues and treatment will also be family-friendly  –  so important to a sick or injured child.  This contribution is for the kids.”

“We are truly honoured to receive this generous gift for the purchase of new and specialized pediatric equipment for the provincial children’s hospital,” stated Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of the Children’s Health & Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.  “John and Sonja Remai share the provincial pediatric vision that children will have access to additional specialized equipment so to enhance pediatric treatments and care within the province.  It is widely understood that infants, toddlers and teens require different medical equipment than do adults.  Through their support, John and Sonya Remai will assist hundreds of children and teens that require the use of highly specialized equipment when being treated within the walls of a children’s hospital.  We are deeply moved and very grateful for this significant contribution.”

The Children’s Health & Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan has advocated for a dedicated provincial children’s hospital for the past ten years.  On March 18, 2009, the financial commitment of $200 million was delivered within the provincial budget by the Honourable Rod Gantefoer, Minister of Finance, on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan.  The allocation of $200 million will go towards the capital, “bricks and mortar” of the provincial children’s hospital, whereby the Saskatoon Health Region will focus on maternal and pediatric care.

It is the hope that this announcement will inspire others to get involved in the upcoming provincial Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign that will be launched in the near future.  The focus of this capital campaign will be the enhancement of maternal/pediatric equipment, research/education and patient care services that will be required in the new provincial children’s hospital.

The provincial children’s hospital will serve children from across the province, offering leading edge health care equipment and technology, research programs and innovation – a provincial outreach component all with a focus on family-centred care.

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