February 24, 2016

Kay & Dora Nasser and Family Support Maternal Care at Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan

Local Saskatoon philanthropists Kay & Dora Nasser and Family have thrown their support behind the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan with a $150,000 gift for a private patient room in the Maternal Care Centre of the new facility, which is scheduled to open in 2019.

The co-location of maternal and children’s services is absolutely essential when approaching care from a patient and family-centered philosophy at Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.  A variety of healthcare providers are needed to transition a mother and baby through each stage of their journey.

Nasser family

“Our children are the future of our community,” say Kay and Dora Nasser. “It is important to us that they are educated and healthy. We will do whatever we can to ensure this happens and we are happy to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. “

The 100% private maternal care patient room will offer a comfortable space for a supportive partner to sleep as well as a bassinette for the newborn baby in the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. In most cases, mothers will labour, deliver and stay for after-birth care in the same private patient room.  Families can now support each other and be together from the moment a baby is born.

“The Maternal Care Centre represents a new beginning in a family’s journey together,” says Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. “This thoughtful and important gift will support our province’s families and little ones from the moment they begin their life united as a family.”


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