June 29, 2020

Now More Than Ever campaign kicks off with generous $1 million match

The global pandemic has changed our world in so many ways. It’s underscored what maternal and pediatric specialists at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital already recognized—different models of care require innovative and responsive new methods to deliver critical health care services to moms and kids.

The fight is now on in a bold race to protect Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable children and pregnant women, many of which are already facing threats to their health, including life-threatening heart conditions, cancer, complex care needs, severe mental health issues, and the geographic challenge of being far removed from the sophisticated medical care they need.

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation has kicked off its Now More Than Ever campaign to help fund vital solutions, including virtual robotic care, world-class equipment, mental health support and dedicated spaces with integrated infection control.

Donations during the campaign will have double the impact, thanks to a generous donor who recognizes now more than ever, it’s going to take everyone in our community pulling together to ensure the health of the next generation.

Throughout the campaign, Jack Herman will be generously matching individual gifts, new monthly donors, as well as major gifts up to $25,000. Dollar for dollar, he will be matching donations to a maximum of $1 million. Originally from Maple Creek, Sask., Herman wanted to give back to his home province to help the children and families of Saskatchewan.

Jack Herman

“I made this donation because kids who are sick need as much help as we can give them. It must be hard for a child to battle an illness. I just wanted to make things a little better for them,” Herman said.

“COVID-19 does not displace a child’s need for chemo treatments, or an at-risk pregnancy. Now more than ever, the work at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is critical and we need your support. While the world copes with the pandemic, our Foundation is doing everything possible to ensure babies, children and families have everything they need to get better and be safe,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. “We are extremely grateful to Jack for his kindness and generosity, symbolizing the true Saskatchewan spirit. His $1 million dollar match will make your donation go even further, at a time when we need your help to add new equipment and programs to help our patients through a time where isolation is the new norm, and yet the delivery of care must continue. We hope you will consider a gift of any size to help us, help them.”


Now more than ever you can help change health care for future generations

Now more than ever, virtual medical visits are the future. A network of revolutionary remote presence robots are urgently needed to provide instant access to the right specialists while keeping children and families in their home communities. This reduces the risk of medical complications, as well as financial and mental health strain.


Now more than ever you can protect vulnerable moms and kids

Critically-needed equipment such as ventilators, bronchoscopes and sterilizers have been identified to help care for our most vulnerable patients when dangerous respiratory issues and infections develop.


Now more than ever you can help solve the crisis in kids’ mental health

The “new normal” has severely disrupted children’s routines, including the loss of school, daily activities, social interaction with peers and extended family, as well as medical support therapies. A spike in suicides and drug overdoses in Saskatchewan youth shows that mental health support must become a top priority.


Now more than ever you can keep children and families safer in hospital

Children also need a safe space outside of their hospital beds. The only dedicated immunocompromised family space in Saskatchewan’s children’s hospital, plus special Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit isolation rooms will help answer the need.


Now more than ever at-risk moms and children need to feel safe and secure, despite all they are going through. They’re counting on your support. It’s part of our shared commitment to Saskatchewan children and families. We must work together, now more than ever.  Donate here today.

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