July 19, 2016

R.M. of Blucher Donates to Children’s Hospital for Nourishment Room

Families with kids staying at the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan will have access to a Nourishment Room in the Pediatric Inpatient Unit thanks to a generous $25,000 gift from the R.M. of Blucher, located just ten minutes south-east of Saskatoon.

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This convenient kitchenette will give patients and families a welcome space to make light snacks, a quick sandwich, coffee/tea and other beverages. The space will be located on the second floor of the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, which will have room to care for over 4,000 children requiring overnight stays each year.

“The R.M. of Blucher No. 343 is pleased to be able to donate to such a worthy cause on behalf of its ratepayers,” says R. Doran Scott, R.M.A. Administrator. “We all have children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren and having a facility equipped to provide care to our young people will be of benefit to our entire province.”

With approximately 2,000 residents, the R.M. of Blucher includes the communities of Clavet, Allan, Elstow, and Bradwell. The new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan will serve mothers, children, and families from across the province.

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