May 9, 2011

SIGA Donates $500,000 to Be a Part of It Campaign

With today’s announcement of a generous $500,000 donation to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) continues to build and enrich communities in Saskatchewan, and as a result, children, mothers and families from across the province will benefit.

SIGA’s significant donation has been designated toward the needs of women in the antepartum unit of the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. On average, 40% of pregnant women who receive care in this unit live outside the Saskatoon Health Region.


“Our children deserve the best, and a children’s hospital will make a huge difference in the lives of our province’s children and their families,” says Zane Hansen, SIGA President and CEO. “Through our sponsorship program, we put a special focus on improving the quality of life for children. The antepartum unit for the new children’s hospital will help Saskatchewan’s pregnant women and their supportive partners. By providing our support, SIGA is making a significant investment into our future, and I am very proud that we are a part of that.”

“This initiative is a perfect fit with SIGA’s philanthropic philosophy,” says Kirk Goodtrack, SIGA Board Chair. “The Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan is being built to benefit families across our province. The antepartum unit will provide care to women who are having complications with their pregnancy
and who need hospital care, with access to state-of-the-art equipment, family-centered care that will allow families to take part in patient care, and access to the latest information on treatment and procedures. It’s history in the making, and I am proud that SIGA’s sponsorship will help benefit Saskatchewan’s families.”

“The care of pregnant women will be an integral part of the exceptional service provided by staff and physicians within Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan,” says Jackie Mann, Vice-President Acute Care, Saskatoon Health Region. “We are very thankful that SIGA recognizes this valuable service to our province’s families and are supporting Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan capital campaign with their generous donation. In recognition of this, Saskatoon Health Region is proud to acknowledge this outstanding contribution by incorporating SIGA into the name of the antepartum unit within Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.”

“The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is so thankful to partner with the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority in the Children’s Hospital project. Today they have solidified their commitment to the health and well being of Saskatchewan’s children, mothers and families with their most generous gift. Today is a great day for celebration!” states Brynn Boback-Lane, President & CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. “This donation will continue to touch countless families in Saskatchewan for decades to come.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is the sole Foundation responsible for fundraising for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. This new provincial hospital will serve children from across the province, offering leading-edge health care equipment and technology, research programs and innovation

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