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Want to be part of something truly extraordinary? Then join our team. You’ll be making a difference every day as we work towards fulfilling our vision of a healthier future for Saskatchewan children and families.

There are no openings at this time, but we are always interested in meeting talented people who are passionate about supporting maternal and children’s health care. Please forward your resume to

Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Alexandria Olson
Krissie and Andrew Urmson
Kristen Cowman
Irwin Physiotherapy Professional Corp
Wendy Lucyshyn
Della Paulhus
Sarah Klatt
Bernadette Klassen
Jill Danberg
Craig Finn
Stephanie Jensen
Megan Wallis
Don & Susan McArthur
Shelley & Russ Feairs
Ken & Joan Bowley
Ava Woroschuk
Laurel Sawatzki
Douglas Colhoun
Lorraine Lamontagne
Maureen & Dale Zoerb
Riley Hancock
Madoka Suematsu
Greg Yuel
Lea Tamayo
Hudson Candle Co.
Rebecca Hilton
Elaine Baptie
Andrew Moore

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