Sask. boy returns home after multi visceral transplant

After 175 days in Toronto, Nate has finally returned home to Maymont, Sask.

After two years of waiting for a multi visceral transplant due to intestinal and liver failure, the time had finally come for Nate to undergo the life-altering surgery last November in Toronto.Nate in front of Jim Pattison Children's Hospital after recovering from transplant

Nate bravely faced one of the most risky and complex procedures there is. Three expert surgeons transplanted his small and large intestine, liver, a large portion of his stomach, duodenum, pancreas and the top part of his colon. The surgery spanned nearly 14 hours and was the beginning of a new life for Nate, but it wasn’t without its hurdles. 

Nate had to spend nearly half a year recovering from the transplant in Toronto, before finally returning home on May 21. 

Last week, Nate and his parents, Jennifer and Dane, made their first visit back to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital to meet his official new primary care team in Saskatchewan.

Nate in Jim Pattison Children's Hospital

“We’re so happy to know we can stay closer to home to receive the care he needs. Yes, we’ll still be followed by his team at SickKids as well as having to go there for further follow-ups, but the day-to-day stuff can all be led by the team here in Saskatchewan!” Jennifer said in a Facebook post.

Jennifer said the Saskatchewan team is excited and eager to work together and share the same goal — to keep Nate safe, well and home. 

“We’re home and so excited to utilize what Saskatchewan has made happen… a CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL!” Jennifer said. 

At the end of the appointment, Nate, being a car enthusiast, was surprised with something special arranged by one of the nurses. As he walked out of JPCH, a McLaren MP4 12C Spider was waiting outside and Nate and Dane got to take it for a spin.Nate and his dad in a McLaren MP4 -12C Spider

Since being home, Nate has even got to enjoy seeding with his Dad at their family farm.

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