Canpotex furthers commitment to improving food security for moms and kids

Canpotex is furthering its commitment to improving food security at home and enriching the lives of pregnant women and their children.

Canpotex has generously donated $150,000 to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to support the Canpotex Food for a Day program in Saskatoon. The unique program provides dry-mix meals and snacks for hundreds of pregnant women to prepare at home for their families for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The new commitment will help fund and grow the Canpotex Food for a Day program, which Canpotex previously helped support in 2018 with a $60,000 investment.

Thanks to Canpotex’s incredible generosity, the program is now able to expand to give families additional pantry items and resources. The enhanced program will provide mothers with basic utensils for meal preparation, as well as essential pantry items such as yeast, sugar and flour. In addition, families will receive a locally written cookbook to help create meals using these basic pantry items.

The Canpotex Food for a Day program will also expand to include special food packages for holidays and birthdays, allowing families to enjoy celebrations around a nutritious meal and create lasting memories together.

The Canpotex Food for a Day program supports around 500 pregnant women each year with the Healthy Mother Healthy Baby program. The community-based program aims to promote optimal pregnancy outcomes for women who are often faced with risks such as low income, isolation, food insecurity and inadequate housing.

“Canpotex Food for a Day bags are more than just food to the women and children who receive them. The food bags represent love and caring. We treat the bags like a gift to a new mom who has just had a baby, the same way we might deliver a meal to a friend,” explained Donna Nelson, a nutritionist with Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby. “The bags have been a springboard for discussion about nutrition and the bigger picture of health for families and children. The recipes have inspired cooking, involving children in food preparation and healthier eating overall,” Nelson said.

In recognition of their generous gift, a nourishment room within the Mosaic Maternal Care Centre at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will be named in honour of Canpotex, one of the world’s largest suppliers of potash overseas. Just as the Canpotex Food for a Day program supports the essential nutrition of moms-to-be, the nourishment room in hospital provides mothers with healthy snacks and beverage options in between meals, offering a touch of normalcy to their stay in hospital.

Nourishment Room at JPCH

“We are dedicated to contributing to the food security of local families in our home community and we are proud to continue our support for the Canpotex Food for a Day program,” said Gord McKenzie, President and CEO of Canpotex. “We are pleased to partner with Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to further our commitment to supporting the communities where we live, work and conduct business.”

“Nutrition is an integral part of health and the Canpotex Food for a Day program is breaking down many barriers to help families access important nutritious meals,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. “We are incredibly grateful to Canpotex for its continued commitment to the food security of moms and kids in our home province. This generosity is bringing hope to families in our community and leading to better health and positive pregnancy outcomes.”

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