Celebrating 1 year of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

It’s been an incredible year for maternal and pediatric health care in Saskatchewan.

Over the last 365 days, our province’s children and expectant mothers have received the highest quality of care close to home.

On Sept. 29, 2019, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital became fully operational, welcoming 112 maternal and pediatric patients to their new patient rooms. The next morning, the very first pediatric surgeries started taking place and the pediatric outpatient clinic opened to patients.

The 176-bed facility offers Saskatchewan families incredible family-centred care and a welcoming child-friendly environment. From opening day to June 30, 2020, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital saw 15,101 visits to the emergency department, 4,109 babies born, 2,305 surgeries, 335 visits to the sleep lab, and 14,727 visits to Pediatric Outpatients.

Since the opening, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation has continued to fund state-of-the-art medical equipment, research initiatives and innovative approaches to serve patients throughout Saskatchewan. The vision for province-wide pediatric care is in full-swing using provincial programming to help meet the needs of children and families across the province. The Foundation has proudly helped fund programs such as the state-of-the-art therapeutic play area known as the Child Life Zone, Saskatchewan’s first dedicated Pediatric Sleep Lab, as well as support for families using the Pediatric Oncology and Day Medicine Unit.

The Teammates for Kids Child Life Zone

“This remarkable facility represents a place of hope and healing for many in our province. We are grateful to the extraordinary generosity and support that made this hospital a reality,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. “The one year anniversary marks another major milestone in maternal and pediatric health care, and now more than ever, we must continue striving for excellence, as the delivery of important programs is vital for Saskatchewan mothers-to-be, babies, children and youth.”

Stay tuned to our social media channels all week as we share some remarkable stories of hope and healing from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in celebration of the first anniversary. Be sure to follow @PattisonChildrens on Instagram and @PattisonKids on Twitter.

If you would like to give where it’s needed most in maternal and pediatric health care in our province, please donate here.

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