First baby born at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital turns 1

While Sept. 29 marks the first anniversary of the opening of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, it also marks another very special first.

Theodore Guenther is celebrating his first birthday, as the very first baby born in Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. He arrived at 2:32 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2019, weighing five pounds, two ounces.

Theodore’s parents, Jessica Zakoor and Layne Guenther from Saskatoon said the past year has been the best adventure of their lives as first time parents.

“Teddy is such a happy boy! His sweet soul and his infectious smile are guaranteed to steal your heart. We as parents have learned to laugh our way through this last year. We have been humbled and have also learned to give ourselves grace in this adventure we call parenting. Our hearts burst with love for our son and we daily look at each other and remark on how blessed we are,” Zakoor said.

For Zakoor, her favourite thing about being a mom is the love she shares with her son.

“He’s our miracle baby and he came to us at such a painful time in my life. I was scheduled to have my third endometriosis surgery when I found out I was pregnant. I am eternally grateful and beyond lucky to be his mother,” explained Zakoor.

The past year, the family of three has been making great memories with their extended family. Theodore loves laughing, making silly faces and noises, walking, climbing, saying mama and dada, playing peekaboo, wagon rides, blanket forts, storytime, eating (especially avocados) and giving hugs.

Zakoor said the memories of Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital will always hold a special place in her heart.

“We were literally welcomed with open arms that day and it was so comforting, especially for me as I was in labour for the first time. I felt so surrounded and supported by everyone that cared for us. My family lives in Ontario and my mom had to leave Saskatoon not even 24 hours before I went into labour. I had Layne and my sister by my side along with the nurses and doctors to cheer me on,” Zakoor said. “Our friends welcomed their first baby a few rooms down from us just hours later and it was so special for all of us. That, along with the staff, the handmade blankets and gifts, the beautiful rooms with such beautiful views and having Layne’s parents, his brother, my sister and the rest of our family with us electronically, we couldn’t be more thankful.”

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation would like to wish a very happy first birthday to Theodore!

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