CIBC Pediatric Oncology Family Comfort Fund

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Patient Information


Eligibility Criteria

Consideration for approval of funding is at the cancer care team’s discretion.

  1. The applicants must be residents of Saskatchewan.
  2. The family must not be eligible for assistance from alternate sources such as Kinsmen Foundation or coverage from Health Canada. (Exceptional circumstances apply).
  3. Preference is given to single parents and single income earning families as well as those facing lengthy treatment causing financial strain.
  4. The patient family and/or a member of the cancer care team must complete and return the grant application form prior to the release of funds. The application must include written documentation explaining why funding is required.
  5. Each application will be considered based upon urgency and need, with every application being reviewed on a “case by case” basis.
  6. An annual impact report will be required to be submitted at the end of each fiscal year to demonstrate the impact of funding, which includes testimonials from at least 3 families.
  7. Funding through the CIBC Pediatric Oncology Comfort Fund is limited as we wish to support as many families as possible. Subsequent applications will be considered amongst other applications, however are in no way guaranteed.

This application will be reviewed and approved through our Foundation’s Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.


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