You may fill out a form online, print it off and mail it in, or fax it to us at 306.931.4618.

Donations of Stocks or Securities

The federal government exempts donations of publicly listed securities to public charities from capital gains tax.


Bequest Intention Form

We are honoured that you have chosen our Foundation to help you leave your legacy. The information you provide on this form is optional and not legally binding, any details you provide will help us achieve your planned giving goals, ensuring your vision for the enhancement of maternal and children’s health care continues for generations.


Volunteer Registration Form

Please fill out and return this form to to sign up as a volunteer for one of our many events and fundraisers. We will contact you for further information. Thanks for making yourself available to help Saskatchewan kids!

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Air Canada Foundation – Hospital Transportation Program

The Air Canada Foundation works with Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to give families access to vital medical treatments in centers unavailable in Saskatchewan. The Hospital Transportation Program offers financial peace of mind to those who must travel due to a child’s hospitalization.

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Host an Event

Thank you for choosing to raise funds for Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. We rely on the support of incredible fundraisers like you to help create better futures for Saskatchewan kids and families. Your support will help fund urgent pediatric equipment needs, provide family-centered care in hospital, as well as support leading-edge research right here in Saskatchewan.

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Young Heroes League Application

There’s a hero inside of all of us just waiting to get out. You can unleash the power of good for kids in hospital by fundraising at your school. What will you do to raise funds for Saskatchewan kids? The options are limitless. Fundraise in your favourite way with your class, school-wide, or with family and friends. Show your strength and courage for kids who need it by joining the Young Heroes League. Now that’s what we call powerful and inspiring.

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CIBC Pediatric Oncology Family Comfort Fund

The CIBC Pediatric Oncology Family Comfort Fund aims to help Saskatchewan families cope with having a child who is battling cancer. The fund provides financial support for expenses such as groceries, meals, lodging, transportation and parking to help support families with limited means in their journey so they can focus their efforts on helping their child through this difficult time.

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Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Betty Russell
Esther Potts
Debbie and Larry Wagner
Tyson & Raelene Ottenbreit
Angela Lutz
Linda Saunders
Randall Keays
Meghan Weir
Marilyn Jones
Sara McMillan
Tracy Schmidt
Aerospace & Defence
Karen Johnstone
Maxine Bourgette
Lorna Sandberg
Clavet School
Brett Makulowich
Dwight and Tammy Kozun
Caitlynn Goudy
Peter Brackenridge
Angela and Rudy Bowen
Tisdale Lion L's
Dustin Halvorson
Mark Schommer
Joe Saul
Wayne and Sal Knutson
Littelfuse Startco
Bonnie Keith
David Elwood

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