Grant Disbursements

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation is pleased to award grant funding for the following:

You gave the gift of communication to children


For children with limited movement or an impaired ability to use verbal communication, everyday tasks or communicating symptoms is difficult. Augmentative alternative communication and assistive technology (AAC/AT) is now opening doors, allowing children to communicate when verbal cues can’t be relied on. This technology is now available at the Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program (ABCDP) in Saskatoon, one of only two specialized speech-language teams in Saskatchewan.

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You helped researchers support caregivers of children with mental health disorders


A new smartphone app is in the works to help support the caregivers of children and adolescents with mental health and addiction disorders, thanks to a $105,600 grant from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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You helped support families through the loss of a child


To help families through the unimaginable grief of losing a child, the Creating Lasting Legacies program was established in Regina in 2017 with $4,000 in funding from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. In 2020, the Foundation granted an additional $6,000 in funding for the continued growth and development of the program which is based out of Regina General Hospital. It incorporates different needs from the Pediatric Inpatient Unit, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Pediatric Homecare program.

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You helped kids breathe easier


The CardioHelp Lung Support System helps children suffering from respiratory failure in cases such as severe influenza and pneumonia. Influenza has devastatingly resulted in the deaths of several Saskatchewan children during the 2018-19 flu season and the need for the CardioHelp machine has never been higher.

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Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Arjun Paul
Crystal Ganshorn
Tom Becquet
Andrew Scott
Umang Gadhia
Rosanne Robin
Yan Ge
Tracy Barsi
Aiden Ryde
Bonny and Mark Bayne
Bryttany Sigurdson
Jamie & Trevor Brecht
Candace Finch
Lori Fournier
Dovile Smitiene
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LaRoche McDonald Agencies Limited
Jessica Geddert
Hank & Shelley Neufeld
Lori Nelson
Donald Moroz
Joanne Franks
Alycha Reda
Linda Clavelle
Elks of Canada Staff
Hagen Herrmann
Chelsey Criton
Alexa-rae Edwardson
Murray and Pattie Pearson

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