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Kevin Baumann
Taylor Harris
Donald Ainslie
Charlene Johnston
Melody Laventure
Loewenhardt Construction Ltd.
Bev and Don Seymour
DeVona and Angus Juckes
Ibrahim El-Baroudy
Stephanie/Airiana Berg
Carla Lillejord
Henrietta Woo
Heather Irvine
Wendy Bradley
Megan Crone Chris Nameth
Kerry and Lauree Skinner
Sheila Harding
Lorraine Braun
Sheila and Don Ragush
Natalie Brons
Scott Trainor
Heidi Forsythe
Barry and April Otterson
Sandra Schneider
Ian Jackson
Canadian Family Futures Inc.
and Mrs. Daemen Family
Lorraine Lamontagne
Shelley Valentine
Cliff Ducklow