Age: 4
Hometown: Battleford
Condition: Neutropenic immunodeficiency

Braxton from Battleford, SK has been strong and determined since the day he entered the world. Him and his twin sister were born premature at 29 weeks in July 2018. He weighed less than two pounds, but this was only the start of the barriers he has had to overcome. Braxton is neutropenic, which means he has few neutrophils – a type of white blood cell, causing him to get sick very easily.

The now four-year-old has spent so much of his life at Saskatchewan’s Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital (JPCH), there have been times he thought it was his home. With stays as long as 272 days at a time, JPCH is where Braxton learned to walk and talk. Braxton has been poked more than 3,000 times, had a general anesthetic over 30 times, and had numerous tests, scans and ultrasounds, but still doesn’t have an official diagnosis. Even though his medical journey is far from over, Braxton’s mom Raeanne says his care at JPCH has kept him alive.

“The experience is next to none. When you use the children’s hospital frequently, you really see the need,” Raeanne said.

Braxton’s journey continues to have complications and he still requires regular appointments and transfusions at JPCH, but he’s now able to spend more time with his three siblings in his hometown of Battleford and has even started pre-school – something that didn’t always seem possible. While he remains undiagnosed, his family is optimistic about the future.

“Even when times are tough, he always has a smile on his face. He sees the positive in everything,” Raeanne said about her son.

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