Age: 12
Hometown: Regina
Condition: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

In March 2023, Jordan’s life took an unexpected turn when bumps appeared on her legs while playing a basketball game, marking the onset of a transformative health journey her family never saw coming. A few weeks later when the bumps did not disappear, a doctor’s appointment revealed Jordan had a critically low platelet count, and she was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia. She underwent four months of chemotherapy at Saskatchewan’s Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital (JPCH), while her parents, Melissa and Justin, juggled care between her and her younger brother.

“We are so lucky in Saskatchewan to have a brand-new hospital essentially, with the diversity of teams that we have. It means so much to be able to be only a couple hours from home in an amazing setting,” said Melissa, Jordan’s mom.

Jordan loved spending time in JPCH’’s Mosaic Child Life Program, from 3D printing to crafts, like the Cricut, while keeping up with schoolwork in the hospital classroom. Her family anticipated her recovery by mid to late August, but her condition suddenly deteriorated. Rushed to the PICU, she was intubated within hours and later underwent life support surgery. Flown to Edmonton, she battled sepsis, brain bleeds and multiple organ failures.

Remarkably, Jordan’s lung function improved, leading to her eventual removal from life support and return to the PICU at JPCH. Within weeks, she was off lung support entirely.

After intensive physiotherapy, Jordan went from immobility to walking, culminating in a tearful discharge ceremony in mid-October.

Today, as a 12-year-old she enjoys a remarkable recovery, from regaining mobility to dancing and bugging her younger brother. The family expresses immense gratitude to the hospital staff, doctors and nurses for saving Jordan’s life.

“It feels really good to be cancer-free and I’m happy to be home. I think it’s important to donate to JPCH because it helps kids like me and it feels like you’re not in hospital by doing fun things when you’re going through tough times,” said Jordan.

Please donate to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to help kids like Jordan.


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