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Leslie and Irene Dubé Donate $6.5 Million

The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation receives the largest individual gift ever made to a pediatric hospital in Western Canada.

The seeds of generosity are being sown by two local philanthropists well-known for their gifts to Saskatchewan health care.  Leslie and Irene Dubé have donated the largest individual gift ever given to a Western Canadian Pediatric Hospital.  The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan was thrilled by the gift of $6.5 million which was publicly announced October 7, 2009 to hundreds of provincial Children’s Hospital supporters at a special “Thanksgiving” celebration in their honor.

 “By the grace of God, we are able to pour out our love on all our children.  When we wake up in the morning we have two choices; go back to sleep and dream or get up and chase those dreams,” say Leslie and Irene Dubé.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan proudly and gratefully receives this donation which is designated to the creation of the “Leslie and Irene Dubé Centre of Care for Children.”  This Centre will be recognized as the main core area and entrance into the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, warmly welcoming all Saskatchewan patients, families and visitors into the new Children’s Hospital that will support the province’s sick and injured kids.   It will be the focal point from which the families and children will begin their personal journey of care received at the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.

“The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, along with the children and families we serve, are overwhelmed by the kindness and charity of the Dubés.  These individuals continue to share their success with those who are vulnerable and in need of healing.  Today’s amazing gift is a symbol of hope to all who may require the need for a Children’s Hospital.  The Dubé’ gift is purely a selfless act of charity that will touch children from across the province, and the people who care for them, for decades to come. Thank you hardly seems like enough to offer Irene and Les but we truly are grateful and wish to express our whole-hearted appreciation on behalf of every Saskatchewan child and adult who will walk through the doors of the children’s hospital,” states Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.

“We continue to be amazed by the tremendous support from the people of Saskatchewan, whether large or small.  Particularly the leadership and true spirit of generosity displayed by Leslie and Irene Dubé who through this wonderful gift toward the Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign have made the province of Saskatchewan a healthier and better place to live.  People will indeed feel the impact of this gift for generations and we hope it inspires others to join in this cause,” agree Campaign Co-chairs Don Black and Jim Yuel.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is the sole Foundation responsible for fundraising for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.  This new provincial hospital will serve children from across the province, offering leading edge health care equipment and technology, research programs and innovation – this is a provincial children’s hospital with focus on family-centred care.


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