Cohyn W

2015/16 Champion Child

Cohyn W

Champions2016_logo_CA_color_ENG-01He’s only 11 years old but Cohyn has already had sixteen surgeries in his short life, with the first taking place when he was less than 24 hours old. Cohyn was born with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and a Chairi Malformation, which means that he was born with a structural defect in the part of the brain that controls balance. Cohyn has also since developed syringomyelia, a rare progressive disease that affects his spinal cord. Every one of his surgeries has been accompanied by a lengthy hospital stay and recovery period.

These surgeries and challenges rarely slow Cohyn down for long. When he started kindergarten, he showed his fellow students a model skeleton to explain how and why he was different. His classmates’ understanding of his conditions, coupled with his concern for everyone to feel included, has created a happy boy with a compassionate heart and a sense of adventure.

Cohyn is just one of the many children who will, on occasion, call the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital home.

Watch Cohyn’s story:

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