Elly B

2012 Champion Child

Elly B

Meet Elly, a vibrant teenager who is full of energy, passion and drive. Now 13, you would never know Elly was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition at birth that has caused her severe health problems. Even with obstacles in her path, she’s never let any of these challenges get in the way of enjoying life and everything in it.

“Elly looked like a perfectly healthy newborn,” says her mom Lisa, remembering Emmanuelle’s birth. However, her parents’ joy shifted dramatically when doctors and nurses performed standard tests and informed them, “there is something wrong with your baby.” After an emergency surgery and a battery of tests and procedures, Elly was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition known as V.A.T.E.R Syndrome which is characterized by a sporadic association of specific birth defects and abnormalities. Elly has had 11 surgeries to correct the affects. Each surgery has required a unique team of specialized doctors and surgeons who continue to monitor Elly’s progress and development.

Elly knows first-hand how important a children’s hospital is to the kids who need it. That’s why she has been selected as this year’s representative for the Champions presented by Walmart program which honours remarkable children who have triumphed despite severe medical challenges.

Watch Elly’s story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD1_8cC5G0Y

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