Meet Nate

Meet Nate

Thirteen-year-old Nate of Maymont, Sask. has been fighting for survival his entire life. After two years of waiting for a multivisceral transplant due to intestinal and liver failure, the time had come for Nate to undergo the life-altering surgery.

His parents, Jennifer and Dane, scrambled to pack their bags in preparation for a hospital journey that could last up to one year. Within 12 hours of receiving the call, the family was on a flight to Toronto. Meanwhile, doctors prepared for Nate’s arrival for the most pivotal procedure of his life.

“We’re overwhelmed, terrified and excited for Nate and our family,” Jennifer wrote in a Facebook post.

In November 2020, Nate bravely faced one of the most risky and complex procedures there is. Three expert surgeons transplanted his small and large intestine, liver, a large portion of his stomach, duodenum, pancreas and the top part of his colon. The surgery spanned nearly 14 hours and was the beginning of a new life for Nate.

“Nate came fast out of the gate after the transplant and was sent back to the ward only three days later, which is very fast, but he is a fighter and always has been,” said Jennifer. “There is still an extremely long road to go, but it’s the small wins every day that I continue to hold close to my heart and soul.”

In the same month that Nate received his gift of life, he also received the Youth in Philanthropy award at the 2020 Saskatoon National Philanthropy Day in recognition of his leadership and dedication to helping kids like him. Just a few weeks before his transplant, Nate stepped on board as a Miracle Child for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Radiothon and raised over $40,000 on his own.

Nate continues to fundraise and share his story as a way of supporting the sick and injured kids of Saskatchewan kids just like him who require specialized pediatric care.

Stay tuned on our Twitter page to follow along with the latest updates on Nate’s journey towards recovery.

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