Emma’s 7th Birthday Celebration

by Alison O’Keeffe

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Make a donation to this page for Emma's 7th birthday and help kids in hopsital!


Emma’s life is blessed with everything she needs, she would appreciate gifts to be directed to the Children’s Hospital instead.

Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$415 raised of $300

Top 10 Donors

1. Katerina Hellofs 2. Ann Forman 3. Elsie Karst 4. Bryn Scherger 5. Alison (Elan and Flynn) Kramer 6. Ava/Bryn Keller 7. Layla/Ridley/Sloane Lehman 8. Jennifer Jamieson 9. Pam Karlson

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Saskatoon Paramedic Association
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Kelly Hall
Deborah Nordal
Kenneth Wong
Quantum Processing Ltd.
Barb Engel
Tarissa Carmichael
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