In Memory of Isabella Adnam

by Steve Adnam

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I made a list of 40 things to while I was 40 and raising money for Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation is one of my 40 things to do. I am also doing it in memory of my daughter Isabella Adnam and because Scarlett currently has an amazing team located at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital and want to help support it.

Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$1,436 raised of $400

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1. Jasper Adnam 2. Carly Nunweiler 3. Dwayne & Melody Moore 4. Trevor and Shannon Douglas 5. Carey and Lisa Jagow 6. Gracie Rawson 7. Laurie Slocombe 8. The Fresh Wife Collective 9. Shaw Family 10. Alysa MacDonald

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