Yasith’s 7th Birthday Celebration

by Damayanthi Pathirana

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December 17, 2019


Yasith is a kind-hearted and outgoing kid who is always willing to help others. He dearly loves his family, friends and others around him. He gets really sad when seeing sick and helpless people. Hence he would like to help the Children’s Hospital out by fundraising. Yasith is very eager to help out and provide others a better well-being. It would make Yasith very happy to make others smile and be full of joy.

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$350 raised of $300

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1. Jayalath Pathirana 2. Amaya Weerasooriya 3. Thilak Basnayaka 4. Dilu Rathnayake 5. Chandana Weerasooriya 6. Viraj P.B 7. S R 8. Thehan Fernando 9. Janith RAJAPAKSA 10. Methushi Nawarathne

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