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Alexandra has spent many days, weeks and months of her life in a number of different children’s hospitals as well as at Royal University Hospital. This is her 3rd time helping out with the Radiothon and she is excited to get to be on the radio again this year. She knows how important it is for a children’s hospital to be kid friendly and to have the important Pediatric equipment that the kids need. She has needed some very specific equipment and care at different points in her 11 years of life, and she wants to do all she can to help other kids who need it.

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$460 raised of $300

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$100 Judy Crosby
$100 Tom and Raymonde Earle
$50 Linda Surine
$50 Linda Surine
$20 brittany gruza
$20 Lila McCormick
$50 Julie Anne Hilton

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