Alumni Miracle Story Blaze

Alumni Miracle Story Blaze

Right from the beginning of his life, 10-year-old Blaze from Carlyle, SK, has had to overcome many physical challenges, but he hasn’t let anything dampen his positive spirit. His ‘be strong, never, ever give up’ attitude has helped him through seven different surgeries for bilateral club feet, strabismus, a tethered spine, and a life-threatening bike accident.

In August of 2022, Blaze biked into the side of a truck and was run over by a utility trailer it was pulling, breaking his humerus and femur. After a series of x-rays, Blaze was airlifted to Saskatchewan’s Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital by the only Pediatric Critical Care Team able to deliver specialized care to children all across the province. It’s been a long recovery after his surgery, but his family is so grateful for the care Blaze received and that they were able to stay in Saskatchewan for his treatment.

“The care we received in Saskatoon was amazing. A children’s hospital is vital in our province. Without it, I am not sure where Blaze would have been sent. He received the specialized care he needed close to home, in a fantastic facility with a stellar team,” Blaze’s mom Carole-Lyne said.

His optimistic attitude towards the endless challenges he has faced, along with the incredible care he has received at JPCH, drastically improved his recovery. Blaze is dedicated to giving back and advocating for JPCHF, raising over $50,000 in 2023. He has again chosen to fundraise in and around Carlyle, continuing to be an inspiration for sick and injured children across Saskatchewan!

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