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Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Radiothon

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I want to raise money so we can have a children’s hospital close to home and family and friends.

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$1,850 raised of $500

Honour Roll

$50 Thelma Daniels
$100 Carrie Tait
$600 Bonnie and Chris Leask Pechawis
$100 Norma Facca
$100 Greg Miller
$50 Michael Robin
$20 Stewart Low
$20 Cindy Bax
$100 Penny Parchman
$50 Kirsty Hack
$50 Kirsty Hack
$50 Kirsty Hack
$50 Kirsty Hack
$100 Patti Harrison
$100 Ken Juba
$100 Nissa McMaster
$100 Cheri Moreau
$100 Cheri Moreau
$10 Angela Silva

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Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

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Dianne Young
Renante Nasibog
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Kaitlin Riley Realty Prof.Corp.
Dennis Paddock
Kathryn Grodecki
Rick Rieger
Curtis Freeman
Sara McMillan
Avery Linton Legacy Foundation
Shyan Elias
Danielle Peterson
Francoise Martin
Joanne Kimmen
Meadowlark Enterprises Ltd
Michael and Sandra Rundle
Maurice Kirby
Kristen Wruck
Mark and Lori Leugner
Leo Verhelst
Gary Wang
William Borsa