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Jalecia's mom Candie is helping raise funds for the 2019 Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Radiothon in Jalecia's honour. Donate to her page today!

November 6+7

Jalecia was born on May 1, 2018 with a bowel obstruction and was whisked away to the NICU right away. She was intubated because she had a hard time breathing on her own. She needed surgery at only two days old but was sent from Regina to Saskatoon where she could receive such a dramatic procedure.

At five days old, she underwent surgery. Doctors then discovered that Jalecia has Pierre Robin Sequence – a syndrome so rare that only 1 in 2,000-30,000 babies are born with it. Jalecia also has Cleft Palate, which is a hole in the roof of her mouth.

Jalecia has taken on nine surgeries and procedures for various issues involving her bowel obstruction and feeding issues. She has spent over 400 days in hospital. Throughout her first 18 months of life, she has been home for only 67 days.

Her mom Candie is helping raise funds for the 2019 Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Radiothon in Jalecia’s honour. Donate to her page today!

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Fundraiser Progress
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