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As an RN I have a passion for community health. I have previously worked in a Neonatal unit and seen the need for a Children’s Hospital in our province.

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$2,110 raised of $4,000

Honour Roll

$50 Robert Cropper
$100 Blaine Albertson
$20 Tracy Bedard
$100 Audrey Johnson
$500 Kim Olson
$300 Terri Ferguson
$50 Stacey Meyers
$50 Nadine Degerness
$20 Carolyn Smith
$50 Patricia Gausman
$20 Tanya Moulton
$30 Kari Hiebert
$20 Lisa Sauder
$20 Laura Alexander
$30 Courtney Evans
$20 Terri McLaren
$40 Elaine Henderson
$20 Coral Kovacs
$40 Crystal Moore
$50 Amanda Gordon
$100 Stephanie Nyberg
$100 Tamzyn Levendall
$40 Melissa Sutherland
$100 Sherry Mahon
$50 Gwenda Voldeng
$20 Linda Ewen
$20 Amy Bertram
$100 Kim Olson
$50 Estelle Leichert

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