Dylan Hanson

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Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Radiothon

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Meet Dylan!
Born at only 24 weeks gestation, Dylan’s difficult medical journey began the moment he was born.
Today, at 8 years old, Dylan already has 17 surgeries under his belt and has spent over a year of his life in hospital, often out of province. Having a Children’s Hospital close to home would be a life-changing experience for kids like Dylan.
Let’s help make this a reality for all Saskatchewan children!

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$1,610 raised of $500

Honour Roll

$100 Ryley Anderson
$100 Mike & Christy Cooley
$50 Rosamund Rodger
$50 Carol Masecar
$100 Debbie Barr
$100 Jarrod Pugh
$20 Carol Brost
$20 Candice Leggott
$50 Garry Maier
$50 Tanice Kane
$50 Joanne Erratt
$20 Brett & Kim Johnstone
$100 Dwight McGill
$100 James & Sharon Shewchuk
$20 Brady Bzowy
$100 Norman Freudenthal
$100 Mitchell Blixrud
$100 Keith Corney
$20 Dave Lee
$20 Nancy Clegg
$20 Nancy Clegg
$20 Shirley Kane
$100 Susan Daby
$100 Sharon Corney
$50 Heather Engqvist
$50 Dylan Hanson

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