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Nixon was born at 23 weeks and stayed in the NICU at RUH for 134 days. In those day, Nixon was medically treated with the tools and technology required for his survival. He experienced multiple lung collapses, intubation and oxygen support, infections, eye injections and laser eye surgery for ROP, and PDA that closed on its own. Without medical equipment, Nixon would not be the strong, resilient toddler that he is today. He is now a thriving toddler at 2 years old and meeting all of his growth and developmental milestones. We created this fundraiser to support the Children’s Hospital so that tiny babies like Nixon can have a fighting chance at life.

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$1,850 raised of $1,000

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$50 Thelma Daniels
$100 Carrie Tait
$600 Bonnie and Chris Leask Pechawis
$100 Norma Facca
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$100 Penny Parchman
$50 Kirsty Hack
$50 Kirsty Hack
$50 Kirsty Hack
$50 Kirsty Hack
$100 Patti Harrison
$100 Ken Juba
$100 Nissa McMaster
$100 Cheri Moreau
$100 Cheri Moreau
$10 Angela Silva

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