Finding out that your baby has a heart defect can feel like an absolute nightmare. As a newcomer to Canada, the news was even more devastating to mom Olubunmi as she was away from her closest friends and family.  At just three months old, Christina took the first step in her medical journey, flying to Vancouver for two surgeries.  One to repair her diaphragm to help her breathing, and an open heart surgery to repair her heart defect. 

Nine months later, Olubunmi discovered another major health concern in her daughter Christina, noticing that her back had formed into a curve, a sure sign of scoliosis.  Because of her pre-existing heart condition, Christina was not eligible for a back brace, and the curvature in her spine continued to progress.  Her medical team deemed that she would be a good candidate for a halo gravity traction, a device that is surgically placed on children with a more than 80 degree curve in their spine. The treatment assists scoliosis patients by gently pulling at their soft tissue to help straighten the spine. Christina resided as a patient in Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Inpatients Unit for the entirety of treatment.

It would be two months before Christina entered the operating room once again, this time to remove her halo and fuze the vertebrae in her back. Christina entered the recovery room as a whole new child, one with a spine that was almost completely straight.  In the days after her surgery, Christina shocked her entire medical team with the amazing progress she had made. 

Today, Christina is living life to the absolute fullest. Her personality, outlook on life, and positivity has not wavered through her medical journey. Christina has had two major surgeries on two of the most vital areas of the human body, the heart and the spine, but none of who she is today would be possible if it weren’t for the exceptional medical care she has gotten from her team along the way.

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