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November 6+7

When Ella’s mom Dana was 12 weeks pregnant, doctors noticed something was wrong. At 19 weeks, Ella was dignosed with gastroschisis – a birth defect where the baby’s intestines are formed outside the body. Immediately after she was born, Ella went in for surgery in Saskatoon. It was a frightening experience for her parents to watch their vulnerable baby take on such a big procedure.

Luckily, doctors were very happy with how her surgery went, and only three days later she already had her breathing tube out. Still, Ella required a lengthy NICU stay and spent 45 days in hospital to allow her intestines to “wake up” and start working properly. Her NICU stay had many ups and down including complications from a staph infection at only a couple days old and discovering she has a cows milk protein allergy. She was eventually able to return home for three weeks, but then spent another 5 days in the pediatric ward because of her allergy.

Although Ella is at a higher-risk for other complications to arise, but she is not expected to be a future visitor at the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. Ella’s family is thrilled that the new children’s hospital is now open for families like theirs who spent time in hospital with their child.

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