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November 4 & 5, 2020

Meet Nate.

Nate from Maymont was born in 2008 with Gastroschisis (when the intestines are developed outside of the abdominal wall). Since birth Nate has spent a large majority of his life in hospital.

He is currently fighting for survival, living with intestinal and liver failure. In December 2018, he was officially placed on the list for an intestinal and liver transplant.

In August 2019, after more tests and procedures were performed on Nate, the Transplant team decided to change his transplant to a multi visceral transplant, which now includes his stomach, duodenum, intestines and liver.

Your support during this year’s Radiothon will help kids like Nate receive the best care possible, right here at home!

Employees of Pattison Agriculture North Battleford donated $3,200 to become one of Nate’s Hometown Heroes

Mr. Pattison generously matched Pattison Agriculture North Battleford employee donations, with a $3,200 gift for Nate’s fundraising page. 

By becoming a Hometown Hero you’re supporting a child in your hometown who has spent time in hospital. A Hometown Hero’s donation of a minimum of $2,500 supports a local Miracle Child’s personal fundraising page.


Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$40,420 raised of $35,000

Honour Roll

$50 Samantha Archer
$100 vadim dreyzin
$50 Mike, Carla, Mason, Aryanna Porter
$20 Tracy Johnston
$50 Breena & Family Penner
$250 Moon Insurance
$100 Diane Knox
$50 Hilda Graw
$15 Anonymous A
$1,000 \"doNate\" Dane, Jen, Nate, Deagan & Gunner Starycki
$50 Cohen & Craig Dewald
$100 Linda Pauls
$25 Christine Kevin Kotzer
$25 Justin, Kristi, Ryleigh & Allie Rafuse
$100 Cathy/Ian Klics
$30 Darcy & Gwen Wood
$100 Shelley & Blain Gerein
$100 Jenafor &Terry Alm
$100 Wade, Lori, Brayden and Ashton Harris
$50 Laryssa Williams
$40 Erika and Jody Schneider
$25 Heather& Dustin Prescesky
$25 Chelsey Parry
$50 Marjorie and Jen Hrynewich
$100 Ester Graw
$25 Jordan and Brandy Pollon
$25 Heather and Sheldon Wakelin
$20 Tonielle Madarash
$50 Raewyn Fritz
$50 Aden Mah
$50 Missy Oliynyk
$100 Alyson Karalash
$50 Amber and Lyndon Taylor
$50 Dustin & Andrea Freeman
$50 Jackie Graw
$100 Shauna Ferris
$500 Andy and Patty Thiell
$100 Deanna Phaneuf
$100 Adrian & Darlene Iverson
$50 Carmen Koehl
$50 Kylie Nordin & Chris Prychak
$25 Deagan Starycki
$25 Nate Starycki
$20 Laura Baert
$250 Barry and Karen Brosko
$100 Stacey Michaud
$100 Robert & Irene Buskas
$20 Fran Neuls
$50 Ashley Hanchuk
$50 Monique Brossart
$20 Allieson McIlmoyl
$200 Jen Thomson
$100 Leanne Head
$25 Melissa Tkachuk
$200 Britany Merkowsky
$100 Vivian and Gordon Graw
$25 Parker Sevick
$25 Joslyn Lepoudre
$100 Marilyn Westwood
$100 Jennifer Harder
$100 Natalie Ruzesky
$50 Doug and Chris Prescesky
$500 Cait McMillan
$100 Daniel L’Heureux
$100 Barry & Irene Verhoeven
$25 Amanda & Kinley Sevick
$10 Tanner Braaten
$100 Deanne Joyce
$50 Kurt & Tracey Meena
$20 Angela Cheyne
$100 Dwayne & Tammy Iverson
$25 Richard and Nicole Welford
$50 Penni Wawryk
$100 Ron & Leah Graw
$25 Terry King
$50 Tyler & Sheryl Ballendine
$50 Nancy Beaudoin
$100 David & Gail Voegeli
$50 Jean Brehon
$50 Kim Voegeli
$25 Bruno Schwark
$100 Jeff Schwark
$100 Marjorie J Hewitt
$100 Calvin Shumlich
$50 Kristel & Ryan Scheafer
$100 Meghan Morin
$50 Jackie Caldwell
$100 Brendan & Bev O’Driscoll
$200 Trevor & Sally Crisp
$100 Mia Georget
$25 Joelene, Brennan & Dalton Prescesky
$100 Judy Dwinnell
$100 Monica Perehudoff
$3,200 Jim Pattison
$2,500 Elliott Excavating Ltd.
$50 Louise O’Driscoll
$2,500 William Stinson
$100 Patrick Smith
$2,500 GrainsConnect Canada
$500 Randy and Marion Graw
$3,200 Pattison Agriculture North Battleford
$100 Jim & Adele Giefer
$2,500 Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate North Battleford
$20 Laureen & Dale Kari
$100 Garnet & Darla Price
$100 Danial Tebay
$50 Bonnie Mercer
$2,500 B&C Trenching
$1,000 Grey Cat Oilfield Service Ltd.
$2,500 Meridian Energy Services
$20 Brooke Brazeau
$50 David & Kim Bendall
$2,500 Alair Homes
$2,500 Discovery CO-OP Farm Supply
$25 Alicia Pomeroy
$20 Cathy Gillatt
$50 Jolyne Leinenweber
$20 Rhea Leibel
$1,000 Heather Hall
$2,500 Terra Damon Kennedy Kesha Schaefer

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Lisa Monteyne
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Linda Clavelle
Sally Blenkin
Nicole Wruck
Kindra Sowden
Amber Benson
Allison Titus
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Abhisek Das
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